Our Farm :

Our estate of around 4 hectare is situated in a semi rural area on a gentle slope above paddy fields with a temple rising in their middle. The sides of the compound are flanked by forest plantation above, paddy fields below and some single neighbors at the side.

1/3 of the farmland is shady rubber forest; the remaining area is covered with mixed vegetation of bananas, coconut palms, mango-, papaya- and many other endemic fruit trees, teak, mahagony and other forest trees, medicinal plants and herbs.

Our well has good drinking water (tested), a small pond near the house is utilized for domestic purposes, a bigger natural pond invites swimming from around June to November/December and during the dry season will be used for irrigation.

Our residence is an old renovated grain-storehouse of the erstwhile landlord of this area, in which the harvest was stored and the supervisor and sometimes the landlord himself lived.

An astonishing variety of birds inhabit the land around, wild peacocks are breeding here, squirrels, forest cats, porcupines, jackals, other small game and snakes can be found in the area.


Children are very welcome.

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