The Studio :

Situated in a rather wild corner of our compound we have an airy studio also built in the traditional Kerala style. We mainly use it for art and other creative work, for yoga and meditation, to watch the birds and to be away from the hustle and bustle around the residence.

This studio we give for guests in special cases; for the many kids of a family visiting us, for a group of youngsters, for a second couple who wants to visit us simultaneously, for artists who want to work in a kind of retreat for some time….

It is a one hall house (52 sqm) with a lot of windows opening to every side, with an open air bathroom attached, with a veranda (20 sqm) along the southern side, equipped with old wooden furniture (and mosquito nets) and kept simple in the traditional way. A solar system provides 12V electricity; fan and cd player are installed.

If you feel to be interested please contact us as we didn't fix any definite conditions and prices for the studio and we would like to adjust these according to each individual request.

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